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2 Week Free Trial:

New to meditation?  Not sure if we're your cup of tea? Let us help you cultivate the right mindset to get the most out of our services.  You will get:

  • Tips of getting the most out of your daily meditation: How, when & where to practice to your full benefit. 
  • Daily 15 minute Meditation training podcast 
  • Daily info of breathing techniques, resources and information from experts
  • Daily 5-7 minute exercises 
  • Kept in the loop with future meditation events 



what's next? dive in!

If you liked our free trial, book us for a month (See pricing upon registration).  After your first month, we will provide feedback on the effectiveness of our program in relation to your goals.  You decide if you would like to continue with us for  20 weeks or 40 weeks.

What's included:

  • Full access to all services and resources

  • Monthly Meditation Seminars & Team-building events

  • Wellness materials included in package

  • Monthly progress tracking  

  • Option to add services through our partners at a discounted price