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AyuRvedic Surf Retreat

Have you wondered about which habits contribute to a healthy, happy and successful life?  It all comes down to the mindset, diet and habits occurring on a daily basis.  Take a vacation of self discovery, kickstart your morning ritual through yoga and meditation, and learn the art of improvisation.   Wave me up and YOCO are coming together to offer you a retreat that combines Surf , Yoga, and Mindfulness training in the small beach town of Quiberon, France.   You are sure to return home feeling a sense of control in your mind, a balance in your emotions, a strong sense of self and an appreciation of your abilities. 



ADITYAM combines all forms of a natural approach in the quest for wellness.  From  Yoga ,and massage , to diet and herbalism .  Their mission is to enable each individual to disconnect from the daily routine, reconnect with yourself and your deepest essence .  Adityam believes that  taking care of youself naturally through the practice of Yoga , to body treatments such as massage(traditional Thai, hot oils, energy and Ayurvedic) and a balanced vegetarian diet, in a quiet environment of serenity, that one can find inner peace.