Ayurvedic Surf Retreat in Quiberon



Construct A Routine of Success

The key to success lies in constructing an effective morning ritual.  When we try to overcome "morning fatigue"  with Caffeine or sugar, we can become out of touch with ourselves.  

By energizing the body, you can activate the mind  and tackle your day with focus, stamina, and charisma.  When you have a secure sense of self,  you become more resilient to stress.  When you take the time to care for your body and mind, you become more balanced, and when you repeat this practice (even for a few minutes) on a daily or weekly basis, you become successful.  WHY? Because there isn't a challenge that you can't handle. 


Keilimei , a singer and certified yoga instructor from Hawaii and Guillaume from Wave me Up will coach you on developing your morning ritual to build resilience, boost emotional intelligence and enhance creativity.  We know that the details of person's "ideal morning ritual" for success varies  depending on age, lifestyle, preferences and job hours.  That's why we encourage you to take the practices that motivate you and make you feel good on this journey to the self,  and leave the rest. 

Wake up, Reflect, Flow, Surf, Repeat.

For 4 days on the coast of Quiberon we will begin the day with reflection, yoga and a light breakfast before we hit the waves.  Through this process, you will learn how and when your ideal time to wake up is, and how you can sustain the ritual you constructed with us on your journey.  After the retreat, we will continue to offer support on your journey. 

Our day will start at 6 am, as we set our intentions to the rise of  the sun:


  • 06:00 Breathing
  • 06:30 Setting an Intention: Mantras
  • 08:00 Energize
  • 09.00 Sunrise yoga
  • 10:15 Light Breakfast
  • 11.00 Surf lessons
  • 13.00 Hearty & Healthy Picnic at the beach
  • 14.00 Guided free surfing
  • 16.00 Afternoon tea and relax
  • 17.30 Restorative yoga
  • 19.30 Dinner
  • 20:00 Improvisation Training
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